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Baruuk glad set mods


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I'm wondering when you guys are going to fix the glad set mods not working properly w Baruuk.  He's been bugged since November(sorry I forgot I made a post then).  Desert Wind scales w regular melee combo, and will initially work for like 10 ish seconds, then stop working and turn back on at some random time.  When you are using regular melee w him, you can be at 12x w blood rush and stay at 1 stack for some time.  He should be red critting w desert wind if you have 4 glad set mods on and sac steel and your combo is at only 3x, but that's not whats happening.  He's the only broken exalted that I know of where his exalted and his regular melee aren't working properly w the combo mods and set mods. 


P.S. Thanks for fixing the requeue matchmaking bug.

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