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Lich got deleted.


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I went into a rescue mission with all the required mods to kill my lich (carrying a kuva bramma btw so I'm a *little* upset about this). I rescue the hostage and my lich spawns a few mins later while I'm making my way to extraction. I nuke it down super fast with my super strong mesa and go into the screen where I can choose to kill or capture the lich within about 30 of the lich spawning. Now during this time I didn't notice when the hostage was somehow downed. Now what happen is during the final parazon animation and going into choosing kill or capture the hostage bleeds out and the mission fails. I get no rewards at all. Now I check my parazon mods back in my orbiter and the mods have not lost any charges from killing the lich. My lich is also shown as active on my star chart. I start another lich mission and everything goes as normal but I don't get a lich to spawn, unlucky I try again in another mission, finish it and I'm back in my orbiter once again.


Now this is where things got weird. My star chart now has no lich nodes anywhere anymore. I look in the bottom right and the lich button is not there. I think ok cool no problem I probably got my kuva bramma then. I didn't. No bramma, no recovered resources. My lich has seemingly vanished.


What I suspect happened is I got the rewards for killing the lich but then I failed the mission and everything I got was lost. My issue is that I was unable to do anything to rescue the hostage because I was stuck in animation.


I just want my kuva bramma.

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