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Pithos,Holder of Pandora's Box


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I am no game designer,and I dont know just how practical setting up these abilities would be but I had thought of a really fun concept at least in my opinion.

Pithos would kinda be like an inversion of Garuda's gimmick with low HP,instead relying on being covered with status procs for their bonuses, and using the box itself of course.

For their passive because of how debillitating some statuses are like Magnetic,Viral and stuff like that are,especially with how the later abilities will function to actually use their status focused kit,it would be an immunity to effects of statuses but not the statuses themselves,like you can be procced with Magnetic and not lose energy for example. The passive will also double or possibly triple status duration,whether thats for only Pithos themselves or their weapons as well Im leaving vague because as I mentioned,I am no game designer and know basically nothing about balance.

Their first ability would be one of the main features of their kit, its an eye for an eye deal where all statuses you proc on enemy also applies to Pithos themselves,encouraging actual status diversity and as a bonus,at max rank each status on Pithos gives a 15% damage bonus,it sounds like a lot but no where as strong in practice I believe,due to how swapping between weapons and all will slow things down,and actually encourage different types of mods like making Status duration actually have meaning to the standard build. 

Their second ability would be something similar and allow Pithos to also have some form of AoE damage similar to Wisp's breach surge which is the closest ability that comes to mind for this. It would be a drain ability where the box unleashes demons or some sort of monsters that will seek out enemies and deal damage and increasing Pitho's status chance of their weapons while active.

Their 3rd ability would be an HP drain where Pithos would bleed themselves onto the box,charging it and when unleased causes a massive burst,increasing damage based on the status effects similar to Lavos and healing themselves for % of the damage dealt.

Their final ability is personally the most complicated in my opinion,due to the nature of the ability itself and myself being unsure just what its extra effects should be.

Their final ability would be a teamwide cleanse,activating bonus effects based on the statuses cleansed, one of my clanmates suggested something along the lines of it doing the inverse of what the statuses would normally do,like Magnetic providing energy regen and corrosive providing armor,based on the chaotic nature of the box and its final treasure held,hope.

I hope you all enjoy the concept, feel free to leave any criticisms below and any suggestions you have,I know its not exact on the stats and I don't have any art but I really did like this concept

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