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Grineer Commander Switch Teleport


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I don't know if this is actually a bug or if it was an intended change, so I apologized if it's in the wrong category. 

Since this last update it's almost impossible to tell when Grineer Commanders are locked onto you. The visual energy glow which was a helpful indicator is gone, and the audio que is coming in late.

I ran a few missions testing what's happening by standing still and watching what they do. When they're about to switch teleport, they begin their little dance as per usual but the sound effect isn't kicking in until the last fraction of a second. If you're even lucky enough to hear that during the chaos, there's barely time to react with Transference or  Abilities. And even if somehow you do react in time, he's often swapping with the operator now, instead of the locked Warframe.

This is all extremely frustrating when you're using a frame that just lies there on the ground after the body swap, helplessly getting shot to pieces. In a low level mission it's simply annoying, but at higher levels this could make fragile frames a liability... I don't know who else this may be bothering, but it's making me crazy. DE Please fix or change it back. I feel like we lost an important tactical ability.

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