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Unable to Login to the game


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Earlier today (11/06/2021) I was able to login to the game normally and play normally too. Then I decided to stop playing because in the afternoon (around 3pm UTC +8) I keep on getting network not responding error messages. At first I was like, "This is fine, there has been some rains in the area and it might just be my internet". Then it got worse so I decided to stop playing and do other things in the meantime. I asked my friends if they could login and said that they can. I was wondering why I couldn't login at all. I tried visiting www.warframe.com but the site couldn't load as well. So I asked my friends if they could visit the site and they couldn't run the site on their end too. Now I am at a loss on what to do since I'm sure that the issue isn't with my internet connection because I could still do other things with the internet without an issue. When I login the loading takes too long and when I put my login details the error message "Login failed. Please check your details" error message pops out and I'm sure that my details are correct. I need help on what other steps should I be doing right now.


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