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Passing Topic Ownership



Didn't know where to put this but here goes:

I have been extremely busy with work and school for the past 2 months that I really haven't played warframe much. Did about 5-6 missions tops :(

The problem is: I had this nice guide about Void puzzles and obstacle courses (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/55839-guide-void-puzzles-obstacle-rooms-incomplete/) and I have really neglected it  (sorry).

I decided to come edit it now and maybe update some stuff but I really think my current screenshots and information are outdated. I was gonna ask some1 to provide me with new screenshots (since my schedule still doesn't allow intense void runs) but I thought it might be better if I could pass ownership of the Guide to someone else? is that possible? or do we have to create a new topic?

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