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Zato Oculus operator cosmetic still creates an invisible yet solid object on transference, and it blocks movement


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For some reason it happens the most with the Unairu school, but it still happens with each school. On transference, it creates what I believe to be a solid copy of the visor and the operator will often be stuck clipping into it and need to wiggle out before they can move. You can walk up to it and be blocked from walking further, and even stand on top of it. I'd really like to wear them since they look great, but every time I do the bug is still there and it's still impeding gameplay.

I've reported this a few times before ever since the Excalibur Zato Collection was added. Normally I'd just comment on them as per the general guidelines but this is a years-long issue and I'm not sure threads that old would be paid attention to, if they ever were checked at all.

There was no appropriate tag so I chose Performance.

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