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Railjack Missions against Corpus (Survival)


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My friend encountered a bug when we were playing together in an Empyrean mission against corpus, specifically corpus because a certain objective requires all players to enter inside the  large Corpus ship before the specific mission starts, like Survival, Orphix, etc.


We were able to enter the Corpus ship, but eventually, before the survival mission, my friend got glitched and he was explaining to me that for some reason he somehow got stuck in an archwing position inside the base of the Corpus Ship, he wasn't able to get out of that animation, pressing buttons that disable archwing, or typing /unstuck, OMNI to teleport back to railjack, it doesn't work.

Although, the worst part was when he's stuck in archwing mode, he couldn't go inside the survival mission with me, but the game still let me open the door and hack the console to start the survival mission. He's stuck inside my railjack, while I'm left inside the Corpus Ship doing the survival? Not only that, after surviving 5 minutes and I went to extraction, the usual mechanics of the game would mention "Waiting for other players. 2/3" (in this case, we were with a random teammate who joined us in Public mode), the game won't let us extract because my friend is not there, because he's stuck in the railjack.

My friend couldn't get outside the railjack, or use the slingshot to try and get back inside the ship, his game wouldn't let him do anything, even trying to open the Menu.

This made me sad because the idea I came up with, which might've been the only best one, was to ask my friend to leave the game by closing the window and restarting it...

It worked, without my friend in the mission, it's only me and the random teammate I was with and the game now knows that it only needs 2 players to extract, we got out, and went back to Dry Dock.

I know, railjack missions are still quite new, bugs and glitches can always happen, but I hope you can fix this soon.


Written by: Hanii_Jenii

My friend: Bearkings1

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