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Sister of Parvos advanced level despite not being met


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Hi there, I started a fresh Sister of Parvos, advanced through the first two levels and knew my order (having Oull as a placeholder for guaranteed kill on Jupiter in case I met her while farming 3rd murmur.)

Despite now knowing the order, and only clearing 2-3 nodes on Jupiter, my blue lich advanced to Neptune without actually turning up. This is clearly a bug. I'm not advancing the blue lich any further in case keeping her in current state is useful for debugging reasons.


If this is in fact intended behaviour, please do tell and I'll just stab her brain with a parazon, but it does seem to be in error.


I was in squad at the time on Jupiter with another player who sent her blue lich to RJ, but that should have had no effect on advancing mine, as mine did not appear.

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