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[PC] [Visual] Melee weapons use the energy colors of pistol Kitgun with a skin for melee swings instead of their own.


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Type: Visual

Description: Upon equipping secondary Kitgun with a skin, melee weapons start using Kitgun's energy colors for their swings.

How to reproduce:
1) Equip a pistol Kitgun and eqiup a skin on it
2) Equip a melee

Bug confirmed to be present only while using Kitgun secondaries, any other pistols (with or without skins) don't trigger it.


Related screenshots:
Melee energy colors

Working as intended without Kitguns with skins

Equipped a Kitgun secondary and put a skin on it. Tested with both the Tombfinger and Rattleguts chambers

Swing color changes to that of the Kitgun. Notice the elemental particles and Tenet Melee blade color staying the same.


The bug affects not only Tenet melee but other weapons as well (example: Skiajati)

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