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Ultraelite Looking For Clan


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Hi i am looking for a smaller clan with active players.
i am currently in a top 10 moon clan, but management and "professionalism" is not satisfying.
I am Master Founder, MR12, have all weapons and frames (except the 2 first Vandals).
3-5 formas on weapons worth using.
Preferred frames:
Preferred maps.
High defence, Long Survival.
Fav Weapons:
Flux, Torid, Acrid, Brakk.
I am from Copenhagen/Denmark, play daily, have dingleberries twice you age.

sounds like fun? ;)
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The Grand Alliance of Fabulous Space Ninjas would be happy to have you on board. We are a storm clan, coming in 3rd during the recent event siding with the corpus. All clan tech and dojo rooms built. Members from all over the globe so there is always at least someone and everyone is friendly and willing to help each other out when asked. We also got our own clan emblem :P


If this interests you and you would like to become a fellow Fabulous Ninja, let me know! ^_^

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wow you are certainly moving fast. so elite first, ultra elite now. what is next?

UberUltraElite ?

Anyway point is i have done all there is to do, maxed out what need to be maxed out, and getting bored since DE is not feeding us...

A change of scenery could be the solution, more structured def/surv for the leaderboards might help too.

soo, thanks for all the invitations ill do the move tomorrow ;-)


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