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Quest Idea - So... Cephalon Suda likes music, right?


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SO, I'm gonna briefly mention Fortnite, because I feel like it's important to note how big this one aspect of it is: In-game Concerts.

Now imagine if Warframe had something similar to that effect, only we can do indie artist playlists, or even in-house original playlists, and just have this nice, big interactive jukebox people can hang out in.

Okay, but now we need an in-universe reason for this to suddenly become a thing, right?

Enter, SUDA.


Art by LunaLux. Source: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/376176-cephalon-suda-wallpaper/

Cephalon Suda seems a bit fascinated with music, right? We have to do an entire quest about that to get the Octavia warframe. What if she wanted to do more than an instrument? What if she wanted an entire concert, perhaps? An opportunity to experience an interaction with someone who's lived their own music, breathed their own music, and now wants to share it with the world.

Where would she set it up? Don't know. How would she set it up? Not sure. How does she get the resources for it? I dunno, maybe The Perrin Sequence decides to invest or somethin'. What's important is that she needs our help to make it viable and secure.

So how would the quest structure be, then?

To make this concert happen, we need an artist. Have we ever seen what a fully functioning civilian colony actually looks like, in-game? Now's our chance. Go in, and do whatever you have to do to get the artist away from that location, without being seen by enemy forces (an actual stealth mission. But also a stealth escort mission. May or may not be everyone's cup o' tea, but it's a change of pace at least).

Once you've successfully escorted the artist, they will begin to make their way to the concert venue's location. Begin... but then hit a snag at the space traffic checkpoint. You are immediately transitioned from stealth escort to Archwing escort. Make sure the target gets out of the area, battling drones, Goxes and Rangers along the route. Probably not gonna be as hard as the stealth mission, will be action-packed at least, hopefully.

Once the artist's ship successfully navigates the checkpoint, the ship can finally warp out and make it to the venue. You, however, need to get back to your landing craft, and get back to the orbiter... where did that Corpus warship come from, and why is it already launching ALL of its torpedoes and fighters at us? Getting back to our Landing Craft may not be so easy, this time. Run or fight. Just make sure to get out, before you get hosed down (you are expected to just run, unless you have an Archwing that doesn't get immediately destroyed in your average Railjack mission, like mine does).

You made it. Suda offers a sincere gratitude for your efforts. Construction on the venue is complete, and the artist already has a setlist they want to bring to the show, and they already have an audience through Suda's operatives (and maybe even Perrin Sequence operatives, if they get involved). The show will start as soon as you show up. When you do, the first song goes by without any problems. Everyone is amazed and actually having a good time. You're just walking around, checkin' on everyone and just enjoying the music. Bring your own Tenno buddies, they might like this, sure. Let's have a-- ... Ordis, no, what is it? The Corpus want this place destroyed? Holy crap, we gotta prevent this! The show must go on! Get out there, and stop them from breaching the door (Defense. You're a bouncer. This could either be a ground mission or Railjack mission depending on where the venue is. Protea would probably thrive in a mission like this, where you're probably gonna need the extra firepower and resources she provides, as I don't wanna see the enemies pulling their punches, this time).

When they finally back off, the door unlocks, and you're allowed to see just one more performance, before the concert ends. The entire venue, not even Suda knew you and Ordis just stopped an entire invasion by the time it was over. Nonetheless, you're rewarded for your contributions to the venue, and have full access to it at any time.


And there you have it. A new venue, some new items to celebrate the occasion, maybe even a new mission type or two (Escort and Bouncer. You're actively protecting civilians, this time. Not just defectives or operatives. CIVILIANS), and in-game concerts can now be a thing, in this game.


Of course, this is just a suggestion coming from a MR12 Switch player with a bit of a musically-influenced bias. I know I left a lot o' details out in the open, so feel free to fill in the gaps yourself, but overall, what are your thoughts on this idea? Would you go to an in-game concert in Warframe? Would you take the admittedly short quest? Or do you have your own quest in mind that you would do? Let me know in the comments, below! Have a great evening.

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