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Overlord, the Tactician Warframe [WF concept]


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Overlord, the Tactician Warframe

Meet Overlord, Tenno. Where others will work through stealth or power to achieve their mission, Overlord uses knowledge and preparation. Coordination, planning, and a good knowledge of your enemy will get you through any encounter, no matter how hairy. Or at least, that’s what Overlord thinks. And if the results say anything, they say that he’s right. Prepare yourself Tenno, it’s time to command and conquer with Overlord.


Health: 100/150-Shield: 300/750-Armor: 300/600-Energy: 150/250-Sprint Speed: 0.95x

Passive: Super Armor-Overlord benefits more from his Armor than other frames do, resulting in that his Shields are bolstered by his Armor value, as well as receiving double Armor on his health. In addition, Overlord is immune to knockdowns and his own explosive weaponry.


1. Supply Box: 25 Energy: Overlord throws out a box on the ground that can be picked up by interacting with them (akin to Ayatan Stars) that restores an allies’ supplies and health store. When picked up, a Supply Box will restore 25% maximum ammo and health of a player, up to 150 rounds per weapon, and up to 400 health maximum. Supply Boxes last indefinitely. Supply Box is Overlord’s Subsumable ability.

2. Coordinated Tactics: 50 Energy, 10 Energy Drain/s: This ability can only be cast when aiming at an allied player within a warframe or an allied specter/npc within 10 meters.. When cast, Overlord activates a button on his wrist that sends out a link with the selected ally, granting both Overlord and the ally a buff depending on the power selected. 

Strength: Overlord and allied players gain 50% Power Strength. Selected npcs gain 50% damage.

Range: Overlord and allied players gain 50% Power Range. Selected npcs gain a 50% increase to their fire rate.

Duration: Overlord and allied players gain 50% Power Duration. Selected npcs do not need to reload their weapons. 

Efficiency: Overlord and allied players gain 50% Power Efficiency. This does not affect Coordinated Tactics’ energy drain. Selected npcs gain +300 or 30% armor, whichever is higher.

Only one instance of Coordinated Tactics can be active at a time per Overlord, and Overlord himself can only gain 1 effect of Coordinated Tactics at a time. If Overlord and the selected ally separate for a distance of at least 50 meters, the ability ends and all benefits are lost.

3. Reconnaissance: 75 Energy, 30 Second Duration: Overlord sends out a pulse of energy that quickly wraps around the area, and around all living organisms currently in range, even behind walls and corners. When cast, in a 50 meter radius, enemies within range are marked on the minimap, gain a slight outline glow and receive 25% more damage. Special enemies (i.e. Bombards, Heavy Gunners, Corpus Techs, Ancients, etc.) are marked out in a pure energy color, have their outlines glow through walls, and receive 100% more damage. Enemies can only be affected once by Reconnaissance and will simply have the duration of it refreshed if cast again. Enemies do not lose their marked status upon entering a Nullifier’s bubble.

4. Target Screen: 50 Energy, 25 Energy Drain/s: After casting and during the initial drain period, Overlord begins constructing a large transparent screen in front of himself. After pressing the cast button for Target Screen, it will start to consume energy at a rate of 25/s until either the ability is cast again or Overlord runs out of energy. During this charging phase, Target Screen confers a bonus to Overlord equal to how long the ability was charged. For each second Target Screen was charged, it gains:

5% additive Critical Chance (maximum 200%)

10% additive Status Chance (maximum 400%)

5% multiplicative damage (maximum 200%)

2.5 seconds ability duration (maximum 100 seconds)

The above benefits while charging are affected by power strength and duration, respectively. In addition, while Target Screen is active and finished charging, you gain complete status immunity. Allies within 25 meters when Target Screen is finished charging will receive the ability and its benefits for the duration as well. 


Energy Box: Supply Box-When a Supply Box is picked up, the person who picked it up will receive 25 energy in addition. Overlord cannot benefit from this ability himself. 

Continuous Scan: Reconnaissance-When cast, Reconnaissance no longer has a base duration and instead will drain 5 energy per second each second it is active. Enemies within 50 meters will automatically be marked and stay marked as long as they are within the range of Reconnaissance and for 5 seconds if they exit the range. All enemies within the range of Reconnaissance take 100% more damage. 

Armor Removal: Overlord’s base Armor value becomes 100, and his passive is deactivated. Overlord gains .3x Sprint Speed, +25% bonus to parkour speed, +250 Shields, +100 Energy, and when moving fast enough, Overlord registers as invisible to enemies. In addition, Overlord gains a 25% bonus to his reload speed and melee swing speed.

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