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And Here's My Deck Of Playing Cards.... I Mean, Mods.


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Why have been upgrading my space ninjas and their immaculate technology with playing cards? 


Would be nice to upgrade these high-tech war machines in a similarly high-tech way.


Imagine a nice 3D holograph of your weapon, and instead of filling up slots with cards, you can add "perks" (just a rename of "mod") to the particular parts of the weapon. Sounds confusing, let me expound.

Let's say you've got Serration on your rifle. Affects your damage, so let's say you now click on the magazine of your rifle (ammunition is the source of your damage, no?) and a nice little HUD prompts you asking what you'd like to do, and select "Serration". Or perhaps you click on the barrel, and a HUD pops up asking whether you'd like to add Split Chamber, or Suppression, etc. Makes more sense now? 


Probably not the most dire of issues in the game, however it would make the game look stunning, in my opinion. Lots of work, yes, but could be very interesting. No true reworking of the mod system would be necessary, just changes in nomenclature and how you went about modding your weapons/warframes. 


Thoughts? Questions? 

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