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Random list of bugs found while progressing from Earth to Uranus


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-- A list of random bugs pulled from my previous post on the NPE --

Pets attack Cambion Drift wildlife, making capture difficult with one equipped. This is not the case for the Plains.
Cambion Drift has a few issues with crashing during the Heart of Deimos quest. It happens most often on the Enhanced graphics engine, following cutscenes.
Cambion Drift framerate is total garbage w/ the Enhanced graphics engine, but similar to other areas' with the Classic graphics engine.
Cambion Drift objective targets not spawning during 'Purifier' bounty mission objectives, sometimes resulting in the secondary objective being impossible. A subset of this bug is that the visual markers for the plants will refuse to spawn too, sometimes.
Cambion Drift has excessive flickering if the 'Dynamic Lighting' setting is disabled.
The Dynamic Lighting setting causes excessive bloom and reflection, regardless of map.
You cannot enter the Necralisk if you leave a party while standing in the transition area.
Physics are weird for Valkyr's Zip Line when using the Synthesis Scanner, but not the Condex Scanner.
Pets proc Arcane Fury and benefit from the buff, despite not being... er... you.
Joining friends in the Cambion Drift or the Necralisk only works 15% of the time.
Ruk's animations bug out and sometimes end up cut off midway through during casting, making aiming at his weak points difficult.

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