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Muffled pc audio


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Hi ! I just re-installed warframe after not playing for a few years and i'm getting a weird audio bug.

When the game starts my audio gets muffled for some reason but as soon as i alt tab out or just un-focus the game the audio gets back to normal.

The muffling (Is this a word ?) affects audio from any sources (Tried discord / browser / Vlc / and the game itself).

I tried verifying the game files and optimizing them through the launcher, reinstalling the game and tried different compatibility options on the game but got no results.

I'm using a Corsair virtuoso (with Icue) and tried both Bluetooth/USB/ and jack.

I have no more ideas how to fix this so if anyone has tips or ran into a similar bug, any help would be appreciated !

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Weird formated copy/past from the reddit thread i created, had to redo it properly.
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