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Request for a toggleable detail to be added to the Ember Pyraxis skin over the lava gaps.


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Dear DE,

If possible, could you add a small detail to the Ember Pyraxis skin? The "lava" design looks kind of gross and tryptophobia triggering. Could you add a clear jelly/gemstone like casing over these parts similar to the gel sack like plant details on the thighs of the Khora Urushu skin? Just a transparent case or shell shape in the gap areas.

Sort of like this - https://imgur.com/a/l9txD0i

So the lava details could look like sparkling gemstones and less oozing wound. If added as a toggle detail, people who like the current style would be able to keep it. I think this small change would help sell this skin a lot more, I certainly would buy it myself this way.

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