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Lost prime parts due to host migration


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I just lost around 5 prime parts from a host migration, a nyx p systems, scindo p blade, rhino p systems, an ankyros p blade, and a zephyr p blueprint.

When I checked my inventory, I noticed my reactants were spent, relics were spent. Yet i got nothing, zero.

Could you please look into it? The mission was Disruption on Kappa, I did the mission around 7-9 PM GMT +7, about half an hour ago237758571_10223834598126055_522125697641



It's resolved... Kinda?

When I logged back in I got the message containing the parts. The thing is, a similar thing happened to me in the past, but once I'm in the orbiter after the mission, I immediately got the message. But not this time, that's why I was kinda pissed lol

Just one more thing tho, I got the prime parts back, but the boltor part has been replaced by a lex part??????

Pretty sure I'd pick a boltor over lex



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Kinda resolved?
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