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Cassiopea, the Space Warframe (Concept)


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Codex: A free spirit that uses her powers to debuff enemies and support allies.

Sex: Female

Appearence: Femenine appearence, energy flowing around her head to cover it like a veil, lacks legs and instead has energy flowing downwards that forms a long skirt. Her walk cycle is her floating in an elegant manner. (Sorry, I can't draw)

Health: 25 (50 at R30)

Shield: 250 (500 at R30)

Armor: 100

Energy: 300 (400 at R30)

Sprint Speed: 1.25

Aura Polarity: Naramon

Exilus Polarity: None

Polarities: 1 Madurai, 1 Naramon

Themes: Duchess, Space Manipulation, Spirit

Progenitor Element: Radiation



Casting abilities will remove all status effects and make her immune to them for 5 seconds.

While aim gliding she's unaffected by gravity.

If Cassiopea gets downed, she will explode, dealing the values of her shields as Radiation damage.



Star Flare (25 energy, subsumeable): Cassiopea will charge herself for 10 seconds, absorbing enemy projectiles and transforming the damage into overshields. After those 5 seconds, she will unleash a solar flare that uses the overshields to do damage and strip their defenses, dealing 2 times the amount of overshields in Heat damage and stripping 25% defenses per 50 overshields in a 20 meters radius. Allies inside the Star Flare radius will get an additional 250 armor for 30 seconds and their shields restored. While aim gliding as Cassiopea while the ability is active, the timer of the ability will get paused.

Cold Space (25 energy): Cassiopea will start generating a cold aura under her, dealing light Cold damage to enemies and reinforcing the shields of herself and her allies in a 25 meters radius, making their shields recieve 50% less damage. Consumes 1.5 Energy/second. While this ability is active, Star Flare will deal extra Blast procs to enemies.

Charged Nebula (50 energy): Cassiopea will make a nebula that covers a 10 meters area for 45 seconds. Enemy projectiles that tries to go through the nebula will get randomly redirected, dealing damage to enemies if they hit one. Enemies inside the nebula area will recieve Electric damage and lose 50% of their defenses. Allies that goes through the nebula will have all their status effects remove and they will get a 0.25 energy per second regeneration. If Cassiopea is inside the nebula, Star Flare will deal extra Radiation procs to enemies and Cold Space will deal extra Magnetic procs.

Supernova (150 energy): Cassiopea will overcharge herself for 30 seconds. While overcharged, her abilities will fill a Supernova meter when they affect enemies and allies. After the timer runs out, Cassiopea will unleash an explosion that deals Radiation damage equivalent to the Supernova meter in a 30 meters radius, but losing 50% of her shields in the process. Allies caught in the radius of the explosion will get their shields restored and get a 0.25 health/second regeneration for 30 seconds.

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