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Dragon Vault Breaks GoL Alert on Deimos


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We have a Gift of the Lotus alert for a catalyst on Deimos survival. I always try to optimize game play, so I bring some leveling gear and run Nezha with all 4 dragon keys. I find the vault during the mission. When we extract, I get stuck in a 'Cannot update account information - retrying' loop. I have to force close the game. I do it again, same thing happens. I log back into the game and run a quick capture mission and extract just fine with all my rewards. I run the alert again and crack the vault. This time I get past the account update error, but I have no alert reward (catalyst), no corrupted mod and the alert is still active for me. I run the alert one more time without cracking the vault and the mission ends normally and I have the alert reward.

Cracking the dragon vault seems to break the alert reward mechanism and the dragon vault reward mechanism. I see no reason I can't crack a dragon vault during an alert. Would be nice to get a 3-day resource booster or something for the time I wasted here.

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