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100% Disk Usage


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Within the last month I've been experiencing an issue where my pc spikes to 100% disk usage when playing pretty much any activity. At first I thought it was my HDD, and I did find that it was dying, so I replaced it with a new 1TB SSD. For maybe a couple weeks the issue disappeared, but now it's returned. It freezes up my entire computer every time, and when it finally decides to load again, it disconnects me from the activity. I've tried multiple fixes to see if this is being caused by something else, but eventually the game still spikes. Sorry if I sound frustrated, this issue is just making the game unplayable, and I feel bad disconnecting mid mission.

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there is 3 source potential of the problem :

1-a process that doing weird stuff check if there is some unusual process doing weird activity

2-do a test to see if your hard drive has no bad sector 

3-there is a high probability that you have a lot of virtuel memory set it to recommended and see

sometimes when is set to automatic the system give himself a lot of it and hard drive is not a ram 

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I have a similar problem. 

The game is installed on my HDD. The OS drive is on SSD.
After playing missions ie on Orb Vallis and doing Profit Taker missions and switching between Fortuna and Vallis repeatedly the constant loading causes spikes on my SSD making the game unplayable due to heavy frame drops. But this happens only the open area missions and not on normal missions. Frustrating...

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