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Cannot Connect To Bounties From Hubs - Otherwise Multiplayer Is Working Fine


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I can host and join multiplayer games just fine including making parties and starting games. 

What isn't working though no matter what I try is that I can't connect to bounties from the main hub. For example, I take a bounty from Konzu in Cetus for Plains of Eidolon then go to the gate.

I see myself loading into a party with people's names and icons showing up. A few seconds before the gate opens to Plains of Eidolon I see all other player icons disappear and I'm on my own. I go over to the bounties within Plains of Eidolon and see that I have been removed from the bounty altogether since I can accept a new bounty.

Accepting a bounty works within Plains of Eidolon but it doesn't seem to connect people to me. A bounty that will instantly connect me to three other people in Cetus and I could wait an hour and still nobody will join my session as if I've been banished to another dimension.

The only way to get things sort of work is to join a free roam session which doesn't seem to boot me to the shadow banned zone. I accept bounties people can join as normal but it's not as fast or consistent as joining a bounty from Cetus. To be specific sometimes I don't get anyone joining my bounties but at least it's sometimes.

The same thing happens for all the bounty hubs.

The main thing I've tried is changing the network ports under the Gameplay options. Sticking to the default ports 4950 & 4955 and analyzing the network says things are nominal. Switching the 3000 ports makes it so I'm booted from parties when trying to form one for say like relic cracking whether as host or joining.

Using the the higher 4000 ports seems to perform just as well as the default except when I analyze the network it says one of the ports, usually the second one such as 4985, seems to be being used by another program.

And yes I closed and reopened the game for each of the port settings since when I saved it said some changes wouldn't go through till restarting the game so I made sure to do so to test them all.

I'm not even using a firewall as I'm running a linux OS with Pop!_OS which doesn't come with a firewall by default. I've checked my router settings but I can't see anything that would cause an issue there either but I could be wrong.

As it is right now it's really hard to do bounties with other people. It's doable but it's a complete headache and most of the time not even possible with how janky it's behaving.

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