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Orb Valis Spy Bounty Bug


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In Orb Valis, if we chain bounties without leaving the zone, the Enrichement Lab Spy bounty cannot be completed if the central computer to be hacked is choosen as target multiple times in a row.

The central computer is protected by a glass wall, to remove the wall we need to hack a console in the back of the room then we can access the bounty target. First time no issue, second time the glass wall will already be up and the target console won't be able to be hacked.

This issue happened in several occassion, and isn't random. It will always be bugged.

Kind regards

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I can confirm that this has also happened to me exactly as described. My guess is that the vault mechanics do not get reset when a new bounty is started without also resetting the Orb Valis instance. The consoles and security glass remain in their "already looted" state and will not allow players to loot them again which will result in a Bounty Fail. 

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