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Unable to finish off my sister of parvos in final sister mission


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I was in a solo mission, the final step where I need to do a railjack mission and defeat my sister of parvos. Everything goes normal at first.

However once I successfully downed my sister of parvos and press the mercy option on her, something went wrong. Instead of giving me the menu where I can choose to convert or vanquish, it does the no room parazon animation (simple stab if you're against a wall, stairs, etc) and my sister of parvos is just stuck kneeling, unable to be finished off. I think part of this had something to do with her sliding on the floor while going down and I pressed the context action during this time.

I tried using the /unstuck command, letting the other corpus enemies kill me, nothing worked.

I'm not sure if this'll help but her abilities were:
Magnetic Snare

A23EE87506B45951394DF3752AC4B5B7E1268B8D (1920×1080)

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