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Syndicate reputation reward BUG


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i don't understand what happend, i made arround 13 successive mission in Void storm mission on Veil proxima. Then we left i made a new run, when finishing this single mission, we got back to the drydock, the host left the dojo before i got the time to leave and i have been moved to the orbiter. Then the screen of misison reward appear, showing the rewards of my previous 13 runs, but also my syndicate reputation has been reduce for no reason. I never used New Loka or Red Veil Sigil.

I thought it was just a display bug, so i closed and reopened the game, but i really lost my 1 level in Cephalon Cuda and Arbiters of Hexis.

This happened today 04 September 2021 at arround 23:30 UTC+2.

If you can fix this, thank you :)



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