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Killing a sister and I ended up back outside the ship unable to complete the mission


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Solo killing my latest Sister of Parvos and I finished the fight, converting her.  Immediately after the convert cutscene I was back outside the corpus ship in archwing.   Near as I can tell the cutscene was completely within the level, not dropping me outside the walls of the level or anything (even when that's happened to me before ?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Lett was fine and back in the level anyway).

I was able to enter the railjack, but unable to re-enter the corpus pylon. 

Mission objectives were still to reach extraction and enter the railjack.  Unfortunately because I wasn't able to reach the "proper" extraction point of the pylon the mission wouldn't end and I'm now forced to redo it.



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