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Transfering mods between configs with Helminth ability's augment slotted without the Helminth ability in secondary config breaks modding (Repeatable, has a fix)


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Repeatable bug
Have a Helminth ability on one build and slot an augment for that ability

No Helminth ability on the second build

Click and drag build with the augment into the config without the Helminth ability for it

Receive the error "Aura Mod can only be placed in Aura Slot"

The new build in config 2 has now replaced the offending augment with a Speed Holster, the significance of which I don't know (could be oldest mod?). The build can then be moved back also.

Moving the build back gives the previous error twice, the full screen tint layered on itself


Can be fixed by using the Remove All button, exiting and reloading the game then removing each mod manually.

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