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"Health Link" mod TAG is inconsistent with its use.


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Health Link mod is tagged as "Companion" category, the broadest category of them all.

Meanwhile, it cannot be used by Sentinels. The thing I figured out only after I had dissolved my Enhanced Vitality mod. While this will not affect my wallet that much it can lead newer players  into some unfortunate spending. Since it is only logical to assume that a silver mod that is MUTUALY EXCLUSIVE with a bronze mod is a direct upgrade.

I understand that the picture shows a dog but, for animal companions we have "Beast" tag.

Also the mod is usable on Moas and Hounds, witch indicates it is also is applicable to "Robotic".

So you either can place those 2 tags on the mod instead of "Companion", or let it be used by sentinels as well, its not like it would prevent them from being one shot in Steel Path.

Hope this helps.


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