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Nidus Prime Tennogen


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Edited for hotfix 30.7.3

Equipping a Tennogen skin on Nidus Prime causes him to have the sections on his upper legs and upper arms to completely disappear. He is also missing the golden metal tendrils from his upper arm and back.





Another thing is his Maggot Bandolier isn't using the prime version for its left side section, causing it to not line up, as well as leaving a hole on both the front and back where it should connect



QBPNLvL.png       cgJ68oW.png



With the 30.7.3 Hotfix he is using his normal mutation instead of prime, I feel like many in that he should be using his Prime Mutation effect.
And just a note, I notice that when he does mutate with Tennogen it appears he just does what normal Nidus does and opens up, instead of being covered with infestation. Is this how it is supposed to be?(Edit: Before the first hotfix tennogen would mutate with the prime mutation instead of normal)


 With the parts on his legs, his upper left leg part that opens is clipping into his model, appears to not be aligned.




Now it appears that multiple pieces of the parts that open from original nidus are clipping throughout his model such as left leg, back, arm.

And just an added note, I share the opinion in that it should be using Nidus Prime's mutation effect instead of base nidus. And am sad to see multiple parts or his prime self aren't shown anymore.

Edited by HGPhoenix
Hotfix 30.7.3 changes
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Having this problem too. Hopefully it gets fixed soon as that golden arm looks insanely good on his Technocyst skin.

Before the hotfix it had a weird overlap/clipping effect that was super jank, but now on all skins that have the "prime toggle" have this issue like in the screenshots you posted.
Currently the skins that are affected are:

  • Technocyst
  • Night Hunter


I don't own the Kuvael Scrounger skin but through toggling mutation and previewing the skin, it seems strangely that this one has a mutation effect but the prime parts don't have the elbow ayatan looking thing

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Updated for Hotfix 30.7.3

  • Bandolier still has holes
  • Upper left leg's part that opens is clipping into the model, might not be aligned correctly.
  • Numerous other clipping due to the parts that open(Interesting that the first hotfix was to fix this)
  • Little to no prime details, and him using normal Nidus Mutation instead of prime.
Edited by HGPhoenix
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The new update took out Nidus prime details such as his mutation stack effects on every skin, not just tennogen. Nidus prime's mutations are also not present on his legs for some odd reason. I understand if there was too much metal or something showing up in skins that didnt have it due to prime details but we do have the option to TURN OFF prime details while using other skins. The only reason I got Nidus prime was so I can use him for his mutation stack effect while using my Tennogen skins and possibly other skins but now I cant even do that, even if prime details are enabled! DE please atleast give us the mutation stacks back or give us an option to switch between using prime and default nidus' mutation stack effect. Pictures below shows mutation stacks on while prime details are enabled with different skins. Relogging does not fix this issue and it is really upsetting me because I love Nidus.


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