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[Plague Star] Third (75% threshold) Hemocyte not spawning


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I was playing plague star bounties with a squadmate, and we had done several previously with no issue. It was night on the plains, but I don't think that's a likely cause since we had done them at night earlier this evening without issue. I'm not sure what could be done to reproduce this specifically? My squadmate was in a necramech for that stage of the bounty, but she was a client. Other than that we weren't doing anything special. We had to leave the bounty early since we can't progress past a 75% purge if the hemocyte doesn't spawn at all.

I looked for a similar report, but I couldn't find one.

Do reply to this if you've had the same bug, admittedly it's quite soon to expect this to have happened a lot.

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UPDATE: It has happened again, this time during the day and on the fourth hemocyte rather than the third. I don't think it's the necramech usage, since she's been using the necramech for all the bounties we've done today. I didn't suspect that the hotfixes included a fix for it, but I guess this is confirmation that they didn't.

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