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Mission Vote buttons placement


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When accepting a mission vote there are 2 buttons, the 'accept' and 'decline' ones.

After the mission has been accepted and the starting countdown is in progress, the two buttons are replaced with 1 single 'decline' button.

The problem is that the decline button takes the place where the accept button was.

Making it very easy to press the later decline button by mistake, if the votes lags out, or if you want to start the mission immediately, but someone else in the squad beats you to it.

Which takes you out of the squad, or worse, if you are in an open world, it takes you out of the squad and into your own session, which is not only very annoying, but wastes a lot of time for everyone in the squad, because you have to load into your own session, then extract said session, then get an invite back into the squad, and load back in... Meanwhile everyone else in the squad must wait for you to join back or extract so they can invite you back.

To me this is a clear design flaw, consequence of the barebones 'Mission vote' UI, and I wish said UI was redone entirely, but in the meantime, there's a simple and easy solution.

Move the lone decline button to the right, so it doesn't overlap the location of the accept button, and we can't click it by mistake as easily.




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