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Arbitrations Debuff Stuck on Yareli


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I just did an Arbitrations Survival with Yareli. At about 25 minutes, one of my teammates died and I was helping collect the drone tokens to revive them. I found that I wasn't able to pick up the tokens while on Merulina, so I dismounted to pick them up. It would be nice if we could pick them up while staying on Merulina. 

After reviving our teammate, my debuff for carrying the token did not reset. It still said that I had one and my HP and shields were still reduced. 

Our teammate went down again and this time I ended up carrying all 5 tokens to revive them. When I arrived at my teammate's revive totem on Merulina, it said that I had 0/5 tokens. I had to dismount in order to have it register the 5 tokens I was carrying. My teammate was able to revive, but once again I was stuck with the token carrying debuff. I think this time around it was treating me like I was carrying all 6 tokens. My normal HP is over 950 and I was stuck at 32 after the second revive. Luckily we extracted soon after that. 

Thanks for looking into this!

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yeah this bug is annoying, i main yareli and to work around, i just kill the drones, remember the position, and when all 5 tokens ready on the ground to be picked i jump into my operator and pick all 5 with my operator and go revive with my operator, if you go back to your frame you will be permanently debuffed. also if your 3 is active when jumping to your operator your frame will take damage and wont be invulnerable. and when the health of your frame reaches 0 you will be forced to go back to your frame from the operator mode. so yeah dont collect when your 3 is still active.

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