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Aquablades not dealing damage


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TYPE: In-Game
DESCRIPTION:  Yarelli Aquablades do no damage to targets cc'd by various frames. Tested all cc frames I could think of (Notated what cc allowed damage, just ability name if damage was disabled):
Vauban= Allows during bastille, but no damage during vortex

Khora: = Strangledome
Nezha = Divine spears 
Nidus= Larva 
Atlas = Petrify allows damage
Rhino = Rhino stomp allows damage
Titania = spellbind 
Gara = Mass vitrify allows damage
Harrow = Condemn allows damage
Hildryn = Aegis storm allows damage
Hydroid = Tentacle storm 
Limbo = stasis allows damage
Mag = Crush DURING animation
Frost = Avalanche allows damage
Nyx = Mind Control/Freak allows damage
Oberon = Reckoning allows damage during startup and end frames only
Trinity = Well of life allows damage
Zephyr = Tornado 
Xaku = Gaze allows damage
Wukong = Celestial stomp allows damage

VISUAL: Youtube demonstration with vauban
REPRODUCTION: Any of the listed frame abilities with aquablades. Does not matter if aquablades are through yarelli or helminth; both lose ability to damage. 
EXPECTED RESULT: Aquablades should do damage during these abilities
OBSERVED RESULT:  Aquablades did not do damge during the listed abilties
REPRODUCTION RATE: Bug reproduced 100% of time on listed abilities

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