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Trapped in Dead Mech after Lich used Leash on Guard Mode Voidrig


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Kind of an edge case. Went to finish off a Kuva Lich in his Galleon on Saturn Proxima; deployed Voidrig Necramech after a minute or two of fighting on foot. Followed the Lich into one of the lower-ceilinged rooms and deployed into Guard Mode to use the Arquebex on him. Was going fine until he tried to use his Leash power, which seemed to yank the Mech away toward him like it would with a Warframe, but it left my POV behind. My health switched to "DEAD," and my powers were still listed as the Necramech's. Can't use Transference to leave the dead mech, can't use unstuck, can't get back to my body. Also cannot "Hold X to revive," don't even get the prompt. This is the first time I've run into this, given the specificity of using that mech power against that lich power. 

Mission was Solo. Prior to the bug, nothing seemed wrong, no other issues noticed. Enemy behavior, Lich powers, and Necramech had all been working fine beforehand, as had transitions between operator, warframe, and mech. Game should be up to date. Did not get any error message or crash reporter. Not sure the tags are correct here, but none of the available ones really seemed to fit?

The screen I got stuck on until I decided to Abort:

Screenshot attempt?

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