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Plague Star Syndicate bug (getting reversed standings)


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I have Red Veil slotted in my front sigil and do Plague Star today - after a farming for a good while I notice that I am losing Red Veil standing, and gaining Arbiters (main gain) and Cephalon Suda (secondary gain). Also somewhat strange - I appear to have gained almost 40k standing with Arbiters today at Plague Star, yet my standings cap is 27k. 

The only way to stop this that I have found was to remove my Red Veil sigil.

Clearly the game thinks that my Red Veil sigil is Arbiters sigil and that the standing cap is unlimited while I play Plague Star.

Started the day at -44k standing both Arbiters and Ceph Suda and ~60k Red Veil (ref picture attachment)





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