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Lost all rewards after end of mission.


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I was doing a little void fissure defense on Mars, went the full 25 round with a full team of 4 random players. During this fight I picked up tonnes of mods and also managed to kill the stalker and received blueprints for some of his gear. Upon the match ending, instead of being taken to the rewards screen, the host migrated and I was taken back to the relic selection screen, with a countdown to start the mission again. I aborted as I'd already done it. Due to this bug I lost every single reward, mod, and blueprint I received. As well as not receiving any rewards for the 5 relics I opened during the mission, those relics are no longer present in my inventory. This is not the first time this has happened, but by far the worst. Is there any way of getting my rewards back or should I just stop playing your game if its going to rob me of my rewards regularly?

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