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My take on a Nyx redesign


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Hello everyone. Ever since I started playing warframe I’ve believed that nyx had one of the coolest concepts. I adore the whole psychic/telekinetic concept on a warframe however the warframe we have is just a little odd and has a hard time being picked for missions when the only two abilities that nyx has that are normally useful (2 & 3) are outdone completely by different frames (xaku) so I wanted to do a bit of brainstorming and try to make a new kit so that nyx would not only feel better in game but also would be more suitable for her theme as a telekinetic warframe. I don’t really expect much to come of this but if someone likes my ideas who knows maybe they could happen and make nyx a lot more fun and worth using in the future.

Passive: when hit has a chance to release a psychic blast that knocks over enemies and destroys enemy projectiles in a radius around nyx

1: weapon buff, Uses telekinesis to make your weapon shots home onto enemies, taking more priority over enemies closer to your crosshairs, and if using a meelee weapon throws it in front of you and swings it with telekinesis, increasing range by a good amount, possibly later levels adds a small damage buff too, but the main focus is to have a buff that isn’t really just flat “damage” and instead feels like a buff that would be given by a frame that is meant to control things with their mind. 

2: nyx targets an enemy and uses telekinesis to forcefully tear the armor off it, and then launch it as homing shrapnel at other enemies that deals damage and removes some armor from all hit enemies. targeted enemy always drops to 0 armor, and the shrapnel deals more damage and there is more pieces based on targeted enemies armor (corrupted heavy gunner = lots of armor = lots of shrapnel to pull off, infested thing = no armor = basically nothing to do damage with). I wanted to keep an armor strip on nyx’s 2 but since I used the whole homing thing in the first ability I wanted to switch it around and work in a different way, and also I didn’t understand the whole “homing missile thing” and where she carries these missiles so I wanted her to have a logical location to grab the projectiles she uses from. 

3: chaos, but instead of having it as confusion it is a full mind control on enemies around you and instead of being like revenant where they just go around and do whatever, nyx is able to recast the ability on a target to make all the currently controlled enemies attack that one, basically letting nyx genuinely “control” the “mind controlled” enemies

4: I kinda liked the idea that was already there for nyx’s ult, so I’m just adjusting it to something a little more telekinetic-feeling and a bit more viable. instead of a 360° only damage thing, nyx channels and stops any bullets, or other damage that is coming at her from a cone in front of her, and she can freely turn but cannot move. This then can be recast to fire all the projectiles back out in a massive cone in front of her, with the damage multiplied by enemy level, amount of bullets and ability strength. This can possibly have some sync with her 3 so if she has controlled enemies and she starts channeling her 4 they will all fire into it to make the bullet cone stronger, and also it will have a small base range in front of her that will still reflect the damage in the burst even if there are no projectiles being stopped, mostly for use on things such as infested. 

Thats all I have to say, I wanted to keep most of what nyx has now for the older fans while still giving a lot of unique aspects of it, and making every ability have some sort of telekinetic or psychic aspect to it. I hope you guys enjoy 

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