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Mouse sensitivity / Game look speed


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The game won't properly store mouse settings. It ignores Windows 10 settings as of the latest version of the OS, I was guessing its only affected by hardware USB doing who knows what. My mouse's firmware DPI is read but it's extremely high sensitivity unless I toy with the config file. I changed the config file and that solved the excessive camera speed temporarily. Then I loaded into one of the older maps (a Europa mission) and it re-reset and now has snail movement. Restarting has not helped. My current settings are:

Mouse DPI at 1200, Optical input/actual DPI

Windows Sensitivity step 6/11 - All enhancement/options off (this does nothing anymore anyway)

EE.cfg LOOK_X/LOOK_Y at Default values + edited "scale=0.05"

In-game Sensitivity 50/50 ALL CAMERA VIEWS

Deleted/reset Registry keys for GameDVR (disabled now, in case it was Fullscreen emulation errors)


Originally, to solve this problem in-game, I had to reduce my Sensitivity settings to 5/10/15 remedially.  Increments of 1 or 5 were insane. At max value with Mouse DPI set to 1600 gave me multiple rotations of my screen view *after* editing the config to 0.05 scale. The only thing that instantly helped was the 0.05. All changes made were universal in-game and only in-game, as is the bug; it does not solely affect Warframe, the OS, PlayerCamera view mode, Archwing view, Railjack/etc.

So.. Now I have really slow mouse movement but I can cope without changing anything yet again. I'm afraid I'll load into an updated area and it'll save the config again in a different way. I'm also not certain if opening the ESC menu just to check a hotkey caused this slowness problem rather than the Old/New map thing.

I have my Warframe.x64 installed in the recommended location for an Administrator Windows account, which is under C:\Users\User\AppData\Local, rather than Program Files or another directory. I don't believe that it's having a problem with hardware or registry permissions. I would like to know if that's the error because I want to fix it. 

Thank you

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