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Nekros with Hemlithed "Eclipse", breaks ablity to cast abilities after Using "Eclipse" and then "Shadows of the Dead"


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Image Link: https://imgur.com/Nxnxwfe

See Image above for some visuals (Pardon the motion blur).

Tested multiple Times in the run, sometimes happened, other times not. Has happened in a previous mission as well, both times I was not the host.

So this is a Nekros with Eclipse infused and I suspect the interaction between an active Eclipse and activating Shadows of the Dead is what causes the bug.


  1. Activate Eclipse
  2. Activate Shadows of the Dead


  • The shadows don't show the link to Nekros.
  • Visually they appear like normal Mobs.
  • The ability Icon doesn't indicate the amount of active shadows.
  • Damage mitigations from "Shield of Shadows" augment isn't displayed on the UI.
  • I as the player am now unable to interact with objects via "X".
  • I as the player am now unable to cast any ability or transfer to operator mode.

Only way I was able to fix this while in mission was going out of bounds by jumping off the map. Possible because it is a Kuva Fortress Tile.

In the attached image you will see two of my shadows directly in front of me, displayed in normal mob colours, we know they are mine by looking at the visual health decay indicator on their health bars.

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