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Venka (not Prime) Has Had a Horrifically Misaligned Gauntlet for Years


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Hey-ho, bug report here.

Basically, I like seeing if I can make base-model weapons stronger than their Prime counterparts.
A while ago, I picked up a Venka Riven and re-built base Venka for this exact purpose.

However, there is one big, glaring problem with specifically base Venka, and not the Prime.

The left gauntlet is MUCH farther up on your hand than it has any right to be.

Refer to spoiler:







I figured this was pretty minor bug, it'd probably be fixed in a week or so.

It's been like... three years now? Maybe four, and this bug still persists.

For full clarity, this is not a matter of messing with the holster position for Venka, as you cannot customize the holster position for Claw weapons at all.
So, seeing as how I recently got a good enough roll on that Riven to make Venka a solid weapon... can we finally put an axe in this bug? It's been like this for literally multiple years.

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