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Lost ability to use weapons and visual movement in Corpus Meso Fissure after picking up Exemplar Granum Crown


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I did try to look to see if there was already a report on this topic and couldn't find one, but I do apologize if there actually is one.

I was running the Corpus Survival Meso Fissure mission on Stickney on Phobos on October 13th, 2021 around 1500 UTC and on the second round the Treasure showed up and after dispatching him I picked up the Exemplar Granum Crown that was dropped. Afterwards I was unable to fire my weapon, Heavy Weapon was equipped at the time, and I was able to move in the direction that my mouse was facing but my warframe was not facing that way. I was still able to activate life support, jump, and sprint, but as mentioned before unable to fire my weapon and my warframe not facing the right way.

I did get an OBS capture of the after if that helps.

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