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Equinox Noble animation set bug: idle animation plays default idle rifle animation instead of Equinox noble idle rifle animation.


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I recently got equinox prime and noticed this bug. The Equinox noble animation set plays the default animation set's idle rifle animation in place of either of Equinox's form's idle rifle animations. This happens in both solo and online play. I recorded the bug occurring within the orbiter and in mission which you can see here:

From what I can tell, all other weapon types use Equinox's unique animations. To prove this, I showcase in the video the pistol animation still working with the animation set for both forms. Only the Rifle weapon type is bugged. To recreate this bug, select Equinox noble animation set in the appearance section of the arsenal. I hope this animation bug is an easy fix that can be dealt with soon.
To clarify: This bug occurred on Xbox Series S.

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