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Steel path acolyte teleports you into inaccessible area causing mission failure.


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I was playing on a Deimos tile set, Terroreum survival by memory.
18 minutes in I was right near the extraction point where there are 2 side entrances and 1 ramp and then the stairs to the extraction itself.
One of the side entrances was blocked by a locked door that only mobs spawning in could use.

An acolyte spawned in that room and then teleported me in there with them.
This resulted in my death and being unable to get through the door again. 
I could see through the door and mobs tried to follow me in there... but i could not get out and the mobs could not get in.
So i failed the mission wasting 18 minutes of my time and losing all of the resources and arcanes that I was there to farm.


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