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Nagantaka Prime

(XBOX)Pyro Unleashed

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 The punch through isn't working, with shred or prime shred equipped. Works on the other bows, rifles, and snipers I use. 

I was using the Nataruk before I used the Nagantaka Prime. Every mission that I use it, it is tested, and fails to do what other Primary Weapons (i.e. Nataruk) do with ease. 90% solo play, void exterminate, void survival. 

Build Nataruk : primed shred, split chamber, piercing caliber, critical delay, vital sense, serration, vigilante armaments, hush, all maxed. Punches through closed doors and some walls on any tiles etc and gets orange and occasionally red crit kills. This build is reflects all of the bow builds I use with 1 or 2 mods changed but all have exact same results, they kill through walls and doors.

Build Nagantaka : primed shred, split chamber, fanged fusillade, critical delay, vital sense, serration, vigilante armaments, argon scope, all maxed. Looks almost identical to nataruk build, but doesn't punch through anything even in the hands of garuda (prime).

I also fancy the Rubico prime, and its ability to kill through walls and doors surprises me.


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