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Soulframe Theories


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Watching the Transition stream yesterday cemented my assumption for what Soulframe will be like.

Soulframe looks like it will be the spiritual successor to The Duviri Paradox. A world that changes everyday that lets you create a unique build for your Envoy on that particular day.

Steve mentioned you get different abilities from saving those Mononoke-esque beasts, as shown in the trailer. The trailer also shows you can pick up and discard weapons as you go along. So this looks like a unique take on the Roguelike genre, where it's a reset as time passes instead of on death.

This is also the very first look and info on the game. So it can probably change in a million different ways by the time it's actual playable to us. Which Steve boldly assumed will happen next year. We'll just see about that lol.

Feel free to post your own bold assumptions here as well.

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