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Mission failing for just one player when host leaves


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Twice now I have been hit with a bug that when the host leaves a mission it insta fails me and I get no loot. the first time was in POE doing Eidolons and hadnt even taken a bounty for it. we had taken down 2 and I literally got nothing from it. 

This second time I ran with a full group around 10 rounds in a survival endless and after cracking that many relics the host left and it sent me and one other to orbiter ending the match, I contacted that other guy and he stated he had recieved loot as he should but it failed me and I literally got nothing at all out of it and it even took my relics.

I dont know why and I dont no how to force this to happen but its happened immediately after host left. what gets me is the other guy got loot and match won but mine say failed and I literally got nothing at all not even from the previous relics opened.. and to make sure... I had chosen helios prime blueprint out of one of the relics and I still dont have it so this isnt just a visual bug, I legit am not getting loot.... and this is twice in about 3 days this has happened.

UPDATE: Not sure if a someone at DE had anything to do with it or if it was some kind of automated thing but my loot showed up in my mail from "Orbital Systems" at least the stuff from the relics I opened anyway.


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