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Cetus (eidolon hunt) soft lock corridor


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Hello so I decided to make a report on this glitch that I keep finding my self up against.

After 6 time of loosing eidolon hunt reward beacause of it I belive I got a pretty good grasp on it.

After completing an eidolon bounty (did not try with other bounty) and extracting, if player load faster than you and start a new mission it most of the time will get you soft locked in the cetus loading zone.

No loading mark, still got weapons, can't extract beacause it says "mission completed could not aboart mission" and so forces you to alt f4 the game.

Yesterday Image :

1tWXiHR.pngNote : There is no loading icon²

The stat screen is stuck after pressing tab
it unstuck if you show profile, completly stuck if you press "show mission reward"
I was the host everytime it hapened IRC
But nothing proves that it's only for the host

I was able to comunicate with my team just fine and accept mission, sadly it couldn't launch it since I was still stuck 

TL:DR from what I understand from the bug

Everytime someone launch an eidolon hunt while a player is still loading out the game will lock you in loading corridor with no way out making you loose all your progress 

If any one encountered this bug and got more info please coment it down in the coment to help resolve it !

Thanks for reading 

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