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Parazon change


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first let start by say this just some idea i had go off some dev stream from past they talk and me like the chance that talk about i them also sorry if what read don't make sense my bad with spell and grammar

first feel like we should get rid of finisher follow for few reasons one mercy kills prove far more benefit then finisher do and lot what finisher do mercy kill do better is not own instead  kill a target but they also give benefit effect to you wind you do so like base on mod you use on it like blind enemy with area around you they also just way more cool looking is well

also for Parazon i feel like have few more mod slot in wood be so helpful long with more mods for it also some less use mod should also be buff like blood for life it own give 1 health orb with 25 health witch is nothing for people later down the line unless plain use other mod that need health orb i think there give 2 health or protea health orb one that heal 100 health wood make more value to use then what current is

is current exitance  finish mods  they own 2 i reminder be one for ever melee mod that increase finish damage by 60% that can use on all melee weapon and then they the one for dagger own that was nerf into the ground is hammer even with both the mods on still deal more finish damage then daggers also i wood like to see what where go for covert lethality i though first idea was go similar to how impact status effect current work so increase change for them be open up to mercy kill ether way i feel good ether change current finish mod into mecry kill one if wind replace the finish system with parazon if even wood do that in first that is

for some new parazon mods ideas i though good one wood gain Lohk Surge buffs but own last for 10 sec at min and problem have do buy for standing from guy who sell us the new guns or from girl we trade Voidplume in for standing and be new weekly thing that switch between diff mod ever week and cost 1 to 10 Voidplume Pinion to buy witch cost still up to you is this just my idea is feel any thing high then 10 wood be too much and give people reasons to save up them or can some more unique to get mod like scan the lohk surge and gain parazon mod for that current surge buff you just scan any way here list of what each one buff wood be like for a parazon mod though again some you make mind up for how works just how i think it wood or maybe it just drop from dormant void angel with 100% chance to drop one the mods or less or maybe new type of angel drop it that much stronger

lohk critical surge - secondary have guaranteed red crits for 10 sec on mercy kill

lohk vitality surge - any health orb picked up for next 10 sec grant 25 max health for the rest of the mission on mercy kill

lohk energize any energy orb picked up for next 10 sec grant 1 energy per sec for the rest of the mission on mercy kill (cap out at 5 or 10 energy regen for balance reasons)

lohk vampirism surge - gain 1% leech life and guaranteed slash procs on all damage for 10 sec on mercy kill

lohk void surge - no energy cost on abilities and increase casting speed for 10 sec on mercy kill

lohk affinity surge - 200% extra affinity gain for 10 sec on mercy kill

lohk Energized Munitions surge - infinite ammo and 50% fire rate for 10 sec on mercy kill

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