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Transference/Operator mode can make your Warframe unusable until bleed out


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I’ve run into this bug once before a few months ago in a squad.

But what happens is that some uses of Transference will make any inputs or interactions beyond reviving others totally unusable (no shooting, melee, powers).

Before the bug happens, I feel it may be tied to how much is happening on the screen at that time because both instances have been either when a lot of enemies were on the screen or when there were a lot of effects going on as was the case in the linked video fighting the Archon.

The only way to fix it temporarily for that mission is to bleed out and revive, as nothing else will solve it short of abandoning the mission altogether.

The first sign that the game has this gameplay error is that your Warframe will begin moonwalking on your screen (facing one direction, but running in the direction you want to move), you can aim your weapons but can no longer use them, your power tree stops responding, and you can no longer use Transference *at all* until you’ve bled out.

Possibly important game settings: 
System - NA, 300 ping matchmaking, UDP 4990 & 4995

I’m sorry I can’t give more inclusive/direct information on this, but I’d rather not take the occurrence as a “rare issue” when it’s happened twice in about 4 months.

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