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Baruuk's reactive storm augment is partially broken

(XBOX)Shiro Arquien

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So I don't know if others have experienced this but I have found that Baruuk's reactive storm augment is partially working. It does give me the status chance increase, however, it does not give the damage type change that corresponds to the enemies weakness. 

I have tested this on my desert winds with only corrosive/impact and I only proc these two. Even on infested and corpus it will only proc corrosive and impact. At this point I thought it might be corrosive being the issue and tried magnetic and no fix. So at this point it seems like this augment is half bugged but what caused this and can anyone on pc test this to see if this is also bugged there?


So i have thought that maybe its because I am running an extra status, so I removed it and went for a full impact status build...and element didn't change...until I either did one of two things which I haven't found that fixes it temporarily. 1. Staying in serene storm for about 1/4 of the restraint bar. 2. Killing enough enemies. Either way the mod still is broken and really sucks as his 4 is this big build up by using other abilities to produce damage that isn't working. Will update again if I find which ones does the temp fix.

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